Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Futility of Sin

Sin will promise one thing but deliver another.  Sin is like a caramel covered rotten apple.  Sin may yield certain pleasures for a season, but that season will soon run out.

God will allow us to hit a wall in our sin in order to show us that it is not the best for us.  God loves us enough to discipline us (Hebrews 12).

This is the message of Hosea 2:1-13.  Gomer has gone astray from Hosea just like we go astray from our husband God!  As we go astray and pursue “other lovers”, God will have the fruit of that sin eventually taste bad.  It is designed to be a “wake-up call” so as to have us get out of spiritual slumber and return to Him.

There is some really graphic language in this section of God’s Word.  Israel had turned to false gods and forsaken the Lord their God, just as Gomer had forsaken Hosea and given birth to some children out of wedlock.

We are all “prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love.”  And yet, in God’s severe mercy, He will not allow us to leave easily.  He will put a “hedge of thorns” (Hosea 2:6) around us and “build a wall against us” (Hosea 2:6) in order to lead us to repentance.  And when we repent, He will welcome us back with open arms and we can be restored. 

What is God doing in your life right now to draw you out of your sin and back to Him?  What unpleasant things are taking place that are actually the hand of God to get your attention?  Wake up!  Look at where you are headed.  Realize that living outside of God’s will is never good.  Your pain is designed by God to get your attention – that you might go to the Divine Physician for help.

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