Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 Biblical Truths to Help With Racism

With all the recent events in our nation, and all the current tension among those of different races, it is an important time to look at what God’s Word says about such matters.  Here are a few truths from God’s Word to consider, so that you are transformed by the renewing of our mind and are not conformed to this world (Rom. 12:1-12)!  Don’t let the media nor fear dictate your response.  Let’s go to God’s Word, and His Word is clear that:

1.    Jesus is not white.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth.  Therefore, Jesus was a Middle Eastern male.  To some WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) this might be a surprise. I have never liked most modern pictures of Jesus, and this is one reason.  Most pictures do not even get the skin color correct, and the bottom line is we don’t know what He looked like in most respects, but skin color was very likely brown.

2.  Jesus’ marriage is inter-racial.
Jesus is the groom and the church is the bride of Christ, and His bride is composed of people of every tribe, nation, tongue and people (Rev. 7:9).  I like to point this out when people ask what I think of an inter-racial marriages.  I usually respond, “Well, theologically this can really glorify God, because marriage is to be an earthly picture of Christ and the church, and Jesus is married to a very inter-racial bride.” That usually makes them say, “I have never thought about it that way.”

3.    Jesus’ bride is very multicultural.
Since the church, the bride of Christ, is composed of people of every tribe, nation, tongue and people, then the church is the most diverse organism on the planet.  If someone is in Christ, they are my brother or sister, regardless of their skin color or language.  I will be spending eternity with them, so it would do me good to get along well with them here on earth.  Some will object, “But what about those heathens of other colors?”  My answer?  “Let’s love them extra well, so that they might come to know Jesus and become a part of this amazing multi-ethnic body, called the bride of Christ!”

4.    Jesus’ people should be the most loving on earth.
God created everyone in His image. God loves all people.  God doesn’t see one race as different than another in the grand scheme of things.  Therefore, God’s people, more than any other people, should see others the same way He does. 

Our ultimate concern about people is that they come to know Jesus, and we should do everything we can to help that happen.  We should never allow such trivial things as skin color to affect how we treat them.  If anything, we should go out of our way to be extra loving and sensitive to those who are different than us.

Paul said that he sees no man according to the flesh (2 Cor. 5:16).  This doesn’t mean he was ultimately “colorblind,” but rather that he chose to be more concerned about their spirit and their standing with God, than external things such as race, size, gender, etc.

5.    Jesus’ people should be proactive to identify with those who are different.
Paul said, “I have become all things to all people” (1 Cor. 9:22).  There are many applications of this biblical principle, but one that challenges me right now is to really seek to understand what an African American is going through at this time in our country.  Therefore, I met this week with a black pastor in our area and asked him, “Help me understand better what the black community is feeling right now.  Tell me about times when you have felt judged or mistreated by the white establishment.”  I learned a lot in that 2-hour discussion.  I do not know what a person of color is going through right now, but I can seek to better understand by asking good questions, and then really listening.

These are just a few of the many biblical truths we should think about. What other truths help to guide you in these difficult days?  Email me at and let me know your thoughts.  May God heal our land!