Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Day in DC

Today I had the privilege of visiting a few significant places in Washington, D.C. – the WW2 Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, and the Capitol.

I have some strong feelings as I reflect on my visits today:
1. We live in a great country.
I am so thankful to live in a country where we can travel freely, pursue our dreams, and worship as we chose. There is no doubt God’s hand has been on this country.

2. It is important to remember the past.
I love history, and I love the rich history of this country. Lessons abound in history – both good and bad. Each of the monuments and museums in Washington are filled with lessons. We must learn from the past and seek to be vessels of godliness for the future.

3. Freedom always has a price tag.
Freedom is never free. Our national freedom has been paid for with the blood of many soldiers. At the WW2 Memorial there is an inscription, “The Price of Freedom.” Behind it are 4,000 gold stars representing the 400,000 American soldiers who gave their lives in that war. As I observed this part of the memorial, I was reminded that Jesus gave His life to purchase our freedom from sin, Satan, and slavery.

4. The capacity for evil is great in the sinful heart of man.
What Hitler and others did in seeking to exterminate the Jews is horrific. The pictures, videos, and descriptions of human suffering at the Holocaust Museum make your mind ponder, your stomach turn, and your heart grieve. During my entire visit I kept thinking of the verse, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it (Jer. 17:9?” The only cure for this sinful condition is the blood of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit to change a person from the inside out.

5. Though our country is not perfect, we have been a huge force for good in the world.
Despite the heaviness of going through the Holocaust Museum, I left proud of my country in helping to bring an end to WW2 and the Nazi atrocities. If it were not for the Allied forces, who knows what else Hitler would have done. Furthermore, our history is rich with Christian influence and the greatness of democracy.

6. Biblical Christianity has played an enormous part in shaping our history.
Everyone you go in Washington there is evidence of the enormous influence of the Bible and Christianity on this great country. Just today I saw scripture on every wall in a certain room at the Holocaust Museum, as well as paintings in the Capitol rotunda of the baptism of Pochohontas and the Pilgrims arriving with Bible in hand.

I love days like this – rich in thought, deep in emotion, and motivation for the will.

I desire to be a history-maker, but not for my glory or fame. Instead, I want my mark to be eternal for the glory of God.

Let’s give our all for Jesus in the few years we have on earth!